Your student life with us will never be boring

Life is not just about achieving a qualification, it's about being a part of an inclusive global community. At Elizabeth School of London, you can unlock your talents, broaden your horizons, have fun, and develop an enduring curiosity and insatiable passion for learning with friends from across the world!

Opportunities at Elizabeth school of London

Seizing Life's Opportunities.
Explore a wealth of academic options, at Elizabeth School of London you have the opportunity to choose elective modules and plot a path of study to suit your requirements
Enriched Living.
All of Elizabeth School of London campuses are in great locations. Discover the charm and uniqueness of Manchester, or the history of London’s docklands at Canary Wharf. Wherever you study with ESL, you will be sure to find a lively neighbourhood with trendy cafés, restaurants, and library facilities just a stone's throw away.
Cultivating Connections.
The demographic of ESL’s student population is broad. This allows you to connect with diverse individuals and broaden your network through work opportunities and volunteering, finding fulfilment in giving back to the community.

When you Join us, you will be able to access a range of benefits

We have a range of benefits that you can access as a student at Elizabeth School of London.

Train Discounts
In London, the student Oyster Card allows for discounted travel on all services, across bus, trains and tramlines. You can save 30% on adult-rate Travelcards and Bus & Tram Pass season tickets.
General Discounts
Unidays and Student Beans helps to acquire discounts from shops and restaurants, simply present the ID at payment and this can help lower your average cost and ease budgeting. Make the most with offers from stores such as Asos, Apple and many more...
Personal development
Elizabeth School of London encourages personal growth, independence, and critical thinking. You'll have the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities, societies, and clubs, which can broaden your skills and interests.