Who we are

Elizabeth School of London is a Higher Education (HE) provider committed to offering relevant, high-quality programmes in seven campuses across six cities in the UK located in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester and Northampton.

Our Mission & Vision

In determining the educational character of its higher education provision, Elizabeth School of London ambition is to provide wide-ranging and flexible opportunities to all those who can take advantage of higher education. In support of this, Elizabeth School of London aspires to develop a student community, committed to foster and encourage an environment where academic and professional leadership along with management capabilities are developed and recognised, enhancing staff and student performance, career potential, and quality of work experience.

Elizabeth School of London aims to achieve its mission by:

  • Working closely and supporting the students.
  • Valuing and developing to the fullest, the contribution of its staff.
  • Providing training and learning opportunities for students and staff.
  • How we work

    Elizabeth School of London operates as a bridge between students and their academic aspirations. As an educational institution, our approach is student-centred, offering personalised guidance and comprehensive support for students to flourish in both their academics and professional lives. We work closely with our students to understand their goals, ambitions, and unique strengths. We offer comprehensive support services, mentorship opportunities, and a wide range of resources to ensure that every student reaches their full potential.

    Board of Governance

    Our board of governors is comprised of experienced specialists with significant knowledge across a broad range of sectors. The board provides a dynamic perspective on the strategic direction and governance of Elizabeth School of London, as well as crucially providing advice to the senior leadership team, ensuring the quality of provision for the benefit of students and partners. More info

    Our philosophy

    As an organisation, we believe in education for all but, not ‘one size fits all’. This is why we place great emphasis on providing opportunities and support for everyone that has an ambition to achieve their full potential.

    • As such:
    • We are proud to offer a wide range of entry points and flexible delivery methods.
    • We believe investing in quality education while sustainably growing students' career paths.
    • We believe that all our students should depart with the skills, knowledge and self-confidence to take advantage of personal growth and career opportunities in the future.