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Student support, Enhancement & Employability (SEE)

Whether you need general advice about application for (DSA) disabled student allowance, disability support or student finance or discussing confidential issues we are here. If you need to improve certain academic skills, we are here. If you need to write a cover letter, CV, job application or improved employability we are here to support you.

ESLs Commitment

Like any journey we want to take we must be prepared and ready for what life throws at us. We are part of your journey at ESL, and we are committed to guiding you through those encounters. Student Services are the bedrock of any institution or service provider, and it is our responsibility to make sure you are well informed and well equipped for what lies ahead. All our staff from the newest recruit to the CEO are dedicated to fulfilling our duty to you.

Equality of Opportunity

Committed to meeting requirements contained in the Equality Act 2010, ESL aims to create an inclusive culture and to challenge discrimination in any form or manner by taking positive action by removing obstacles to the personal and educational progression of individual learners. ESL is a diverse and thriving community both with staff members and students that will not tolerate unfair or unlawful discrimination nor prejudice of any form.

Enhancement Support

ESL’s objective is to assist the student to become independent learners, and this can be achieved by developing skills that enable the student to perform in an autonomous manner. Students can book one to one study skills sessions in areas such as English language, maths, statistics, time management skills, referencing and cross referencing, examination techniques, assignment planning, drafting, self-check strategies and writing, and IT support. Sessions are available both online and as drop-in sessions.


Wellbeing and welfare services are open to all student without prejudice or discrimination. If you have problems adjusting to your life as a student, have domestic or personal troubles, are suffering from anxiety or depression, feel isolated, feel you are becoming dependent on addictive materials you can book an appointment with one of our staff in an environment that is safe and trusting.

Mental Health & Dyslexia Support

ESL have Advisers dedicated to offering students advice and support on mental health issues. Appointments can be made through Student Services to offer practical help and coping strategies. Students concerned about the possibility of having dyslexia can make an appointment with Students Services and may be offered to take a computerised screening test to identify the risk. Any difficulties can then be discussed, with appropriate support put in place to assist academic studies. Students may also be referred to a specialist assessor for a formal assessment.

Careers Guidance

Group workshops and individual careers meetings can be made to discuss options available and pathways towards future careers. Careers Advisors will offer advice, supporting students with their personal career decisions, assist in making applications and references, prepare for interviews and do this in an open and impartial way. Careers events will be held in all campuses where students will have the chance to meet prospective employers in their chosen field. Students will also have the opportunity to contribute to Elizabeth School Careers Policy and delivery through quality surveys, Academic Board and Student Representative meetings, and direct suggestions to staff.

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