Mental Health and Well-being Workshop

We aim to enhance the mental health and well-being of our students by introducing new activities and programs. Our main objective is to foster a supportive and friendly environment that values opinions and prioritises the well-being of our students.

That is why we recently organized an exclusive workshop for class representatives to enhance well-being support. They discussed group concerns and engaged in a psychodrama session to address challenges unique to their roles. We are dedicated to providing continual support to our representatives throughout the academic year and plan to conduct more workshops for all our students.

Aug 16, 2023

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IT Workshop

Our academic team is thrilled to have organized a dynamic PowerPoint and MS Excel workshop for our Bath Spa students. Led by the esteemed Dr. Shah, this hands-on session is set to empower our students with essential skills for acing assignments and real-world success. Transforming today’s learning into tomorrow’s achievements.

Aug 07, 2023

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Revit for Elizabeth School of London Students

Dear Students, Educators, and Technology Enthusiasts, we are thrilled to share a significant research update that will positively impact student engagement and learning in Construction Management. We're delighted to recommend Revit from Autodesk as the top choice.

Jul 1, 2023

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Teachers Induction Day

An inspiring day at the Holborn campus as we hosted our Teachers' Induction Day! We were honoured to have Professor Sue Rigby, the Vice Chancellor of Bath Spa University, joining us in extending a warm welcome to our aspiring new teachers.

Jun 2, 2023

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Mental Health Week

At Elizabeth School of London, we understand the importance of mental health and want to remind our students and staff that we are here to support you. Our dedicated student support team is available at every campus.

Jun 1, 2023

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Case Study

Happy faces and busy minds

That's precisely the inspiring spirit we fervently embrace in our vibrant educational setting! Our phenomenal students, brimming with curiosity and determination, are ardently pushing themselves beyond conventional boundaries, boldly venturing into fresh challenges.

Jun 12, 2023