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December, 2021 Volume-1, Elizabeth school of London

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What has been happening?

Welcome to our first terms and our Winter Newsletter.

Elizabeth School of London offers a very high quality of education to create an excellent human resource for the global market. Our dedicated team is striving for excellence with a view to facing the new challenges of the century. We introduce our students with the latest academic knowledge and equip them well enough to be future-fit and future-proof.


  • Holborn Campus inauguration: 20/09/2021
  • CCCU Visit, Dr. Lorna Thomas: 19/10/21
  • Student Induction/ gift bags: 03/11/21
  • Class start week: 08/11/21
  • Student representatives selected: 23/11/2021
  • Christmas Party 14th/15thDecember

Elizabeth School of London at a glance


Founded in 2011, Elizabeth School of London is now headquartered in Canary Wharf and offering excellent learning opportunities in its campuses, e.g., Holborn, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds, where the institute can accommodate over 2,000 students a year. Our offices based in Italy, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Bangladesh make up our international connection with a global marketing team of over 170 employees.

Holborn campus inauguration

Last September, 124 students joined only on Holborn Campus for maximising their learning opportunities in the global city. Following an inauguration on the twentieth of September, the students met our team and got familiarity with our existing facilities, the pre-requisite for a suitable atmosphere for modern education.

New Window of Opportunities

Dr Lorna Thomas visited Holborn Campus on the ninetieth of October and trained our team for enhancing colleagues’ skills. Following her visit, some opportunities emerged for January intake in Canterbury Christ Church University, and she assured additional cooperation for running different programs smoothly.

Our cutting-edge Knowledge Centre offers both academic support and extra-curricular activities for students, staff, and local community with a view to bringing a positive change to the society.

Class Representatives pictures below for Group 1, 2 and 3

"We are in this journey together. So be ready, be committed, be motivated to put your mark on this Earth"


An induction on 2nd & 3rd November, 2021 enabled formal education for newly admitted students on Holborn campus. Each student received a gift bag including a course handbook, a note pad, a pen, a USB, ESL materials etc. which are basic requirements for commencing regular classes in a campus. Face-to-face classes started in the next week when safeguarding and fire trainings were provided for raising students’ awareness and maximising their safety and security. Dr. Santayana observed the lessons during the first lecture week for quality assurance so that the students can attain a very high level of satisfaction.

ESL is not limited to classroom activities only, but to a wide range of opportunities for amusement and fun as well. We celebrated several birthdays, for example, of our students and colleagues during this semester: Michaela and Jermaine hosted on 09/11/2021 and Dzenifera did on 02/12/2021. We are always open to new ideas and anyone is welcome to share ideas and happiness with us.

A welcome from our trainer

“A dedicated team will always welcome you and be by your side for enhancing your academic and professional skills.” – Dr. Santanya

Names of lecturers:

Dr Kaviraj Santayana, Raziur Rahman Chowdhury, Tam Douglas, B. Michael Oyewo, Kim Margaret Coogan, Md. Mokammel Hoque, Shahin Reza, Sheryl Hmilanska.

group image
Pictures of few staff members

ESL Christmas Party 2021, Holborn Campus
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ESL is proud to host Christmas parties including students, teachers and colleagues in its academic zone of Holborn Campus. As there were many groups of students, we hosted two parties in two different days, i.e. 14th and 15th December, 2021 to make sure that everybody can attend the party to say goodbye to 2021 and to offer a warm welcome to 2022. By sharing the Christmas spirit, the festive parties created a bridge among the students, the teachers and the colleagues of ESL and made it a great place to work rejoicing students’ achievements during the first term.


We are delighted to announce that the CEO of Elizabeth School of London had kindly approved ‘Knowledge Centre’ and formally it is launched since 1st December 2021. Knowledge Centre is publishing its first newsletter from 31 December 2021. This is initially fact-based statement. It also contained some pictures of the students and staff. We tried to keep it concise and avoid crucial issues.

There may be errors, concerns, views from you. Knowledge Centre would love to have your constructive feedback for further improvement.

Our staff had contributed for this publication. Dr. Shah, Sheryl, Diana and finally Nasim have tremendous efforts to bring this newsletter into life. Our sincere gratitude to you all.

We hope, our next bulletin will be published in March 2022. May we request you to continue your contribution?

We wish you a very prosperous New Year!

Dr. Kaviraj Santayana (Editor)
Programme Leader, ESL
Teaching & Learning Enhancement Affairs, Knowledge Centre
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