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March, 2022 Volume - 2, Elizabeth school of London

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Elizabeth School of London offers a very high quality of education to create an excellent human resource for the global market. Our dedicated team is striving for excellence with a view to facing the new challenges of the century. We introduce our students with the latest academic knowledge and equip them well enough to be future-fit and future-proof.


A grand opening of Bath Spa University (BSU) Programme took place in our Leeds Campus. A face-to-face induction took place on the 10th of February and an online induction, on 11th February 2022. A large number of participants attended both the occasions, e.g. 47 participants attended the online induction. Mr Ali made an impressive presentation on both the occasions. Representatives and Lecturers from BSU mainstream campus joined both the programmes. Both programmes were significantly successful.


The students of Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) successfully completed their first semester. They have made a remarkable progression in their art of presentation. All the power point presentations, between 31 January and 10 February, represented a genuine progression of our students and we are confident that a number of good business executives are coming out in the next few years. The students made every effort to present a complex idea before the audience and they made everything intelligible even to a novice using their presentation skills. We are devoted to nurture their talent and to take them to their next stage of success.


Some new lectures joined our team to add to the pleasure of education. Dr. Shah, Leroy and Dr. Farid have already started to work for CCCU. Besides, Dr. Abdi, Geoff, Saifullah have been appointed to work for BSU programme. The universities were happy with the recruitment and they will be always by our side to strive for excellence.


We are aware that financial matters are vital for your education. You can share your financial difficulties with Jesmin Aktar and we believe that her capable hands will sort your problem out. Don’t forget to jot down her contact details for any financial issue.

Jesmin Aktar
T: 02070590489, M: 07367590483


Dr Lorna Thomas and Ms. Michelle Childs visited our Holborn Campus on 8th March 2022 and met the students of Group 1 and Group 2. The first group was under the guidance of Lecturer Shahin and the second one, under Dr Farid. During the visit, Dr Lorna conducted a question and answer session with the students and she expressed her satisfaction with our teaching and learning strategy as well as the students’ performance.


Dr. K. Santayana provided an extensive online training – including every academic curricular, teaching and learning strategy, and operational activities – to lecturers and staff for our Leeds campus on 23/02/2022. Besides, another short training was hosted by Mushfiqur, the IT Head of ESL, to explain an access to online classes and VLE. Finally, Maldwyn Buckland presented a brief discussion on policy and quality assurance. The Leeds campus is now ready for its full-scale operation.


The CCCU Academic team provided an extensive training on 24.02.2022 to our Academic and Management staff on various essential issues, such as students’ attendance, Summative Feedback and Marking on students’ works (internal / external verification), Extenuating Circumstances, Resubmission etc. The training also covered a brief discussion on Modules for the 2nd Semester. It had been agreed that Dr Lorna Thomas (Director of Partnerships, Principal Lecturer) and Lorraine Duffy Chartered MCIPD, MA, FHEA (Course Director for the Foundation Year in Business and Law) would visit our Holborn campus on 8th March 2022 for further collaboration.


We believe that the road to success is always under construction. We always value your opinion. We appreciate that you shared your ideas with us. You told and we listened. We have, for example, installed ten new desktops in February as the previous ones were not attaining your satisfaction. You can experience the difference now! An easy access to the high-tech devices will make your academic endeavour much more pleasant than you can imagine. Besides, we take a mighty pride with our latest internet service, one of the best in the city. The latest academic resources are just one click away from you. We aim to make it even better. Have you got a new idea? Why don’t you share it with us? We will be more than happy to review it and make your academic journey a pleasant one. We can’t wait to listen to your recommendations. Our newly-included coffee vending machine is always ready to fuel your voice.


We welcome our readers to view the 2nd Volume of ESL Newsletter. Undoubtedly, we have gone through a very tough time. In our academic team, we have inadequate human resource. With our limited staff, we need to make journeys to different campuses in Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester etc. Therefore, on many occasions, we need to be contingent. However, our Head of Academic Mr. Raziur never would jeopardise our services and never would compromise with our benchmark quality. As a result, we were able to complete successfully the first semester for CCCU programme. Students have achieved very satisfactory grades (provisional though). Obviously, the completion of the first semester of CCCU is considered as a tremendous success for our team. We are grateful to all, who worked hard with dedication. We specially thank our students and the Class Captains. A very ‘Special Thank’ to Mr. Andrew Connolly, Class Captain of Group-1.

Another example of our success is launching our Leeds Campus for Bath Spa University Programme. To implement this project within a very short time, we had to face numerous challenges. However, a number of dedicated staff led by our CEO Mr. Appi and Principal Andrew Green made the mission successful. For the Leeds Project, Mr. Ali, Mr. Lotus and Mr. Mousfiqur also worked very hard. So, our team would like to extend thanks for them as well.

To publish the 2nd Volume of our ESL Newsletter, Dr. Shah and Nasim provided a huge support. We appreciate their tremendous efforts.

There are always challenges. But we strongly believe that a dedicated team always reaches a noble goal. We will appreciate your support and constructive feedback.

Finally, we love the world collectively and we support the humanity and peace. We hope and pray that the world will be a peaceful place for living.

Dr. Kaviraj Santayana (Editor) - 25.03.2022
Programme Leader, ESL
Teaching & Learning Enhancement Affairs, Knowledge Centre