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We would like to welcome you all to Elizabeth School of London.

Elizabeth School of London (ESL), founded in 2011, has been part of the HE and FE learning journey for over 27,000 students through our recruiting and educational departments and that number is continuing to flourish as our aspiration, and motivational desire, to change peoples’ lives grows.

We believe at ESL, that for people to prosper, education be the rock on which a future is built, and that is why we have expanded our academic, and international, responsibilities to enable more people to reach their potential.

We do not need to tell people how advantageous it is to hold a qualification from a UK institution as the mode of learning is through the international language of English, and taught by professors, researchers and teachers who are among the most respected and accomplished in the world. However, in order to achieve this, getting onto the learning ladder is essential.

In our academic team we have a wonderful array of talented individuals who have over 75 years of administering, managing and teaching in FE and HE institutions in the UK and overseas. Our English and Business courses are from Entry level to Level 3 and over 2,000 students have studied with us and gone onto university or college.

With recruitment, we have assisted over 25,000 students from the UK, EU and internationally to enter institutions and we continue to expand our horizons. This year we have opened offices in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Italy, and we are in the process of opening in Japan, Morocco and Columbia.

The learning journey is full of hope and dreams. It takes commitment, effort and desire to achieve, but the rewards are life changing. We want to be part of the journey and it does not matter your age, sex, race or religion. Elizabeth School promises to do everything we can to assist you on your voyage.

Andrew Green
Principal - Elizabeth School of London

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